Close Enough To Action...

But Removed Enough For Sanctuary


Pemberton is where affordability meets lifestyle.  It's where you are not house rich and cash poor and you can spend extra money on things you love.  It's where you have room to grow and get established.

Pemberton is about family, community, great food and adventures. 

 It all happens right here.



Coffee shops


Local coffee shops will give an European cafe a run for it's money.  Pembertonians take their food seriously and coffee and sweets are no exception.  The best food within walking distance.



Good FOod LIves here

Farm to Table culture is what makes the food taste so good.  Renown Pemberton potatoes are not the only ingredients home grown in this community.  You can taste the difference.


 Mile One Lake

Mile One Lake


Small town charm and world class landscapes. 

The scenic landscapes will truly take your breath away.  Nature is your back door and your playground.  Pemberton's trail system provides reacreation for mountain bikers, hikers and runners with amazing access to front country and back country adventures.

 Community Recreation Centre and Library

Community Recreation Centre and Library

Public Services

All amenities to grow

Home to both an elementary and a high school, public library, recreation center, grocery stores, BC liquor store, RONA, banks, gas stations and BC transit, this community has all the convenient amenites for your life.